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As a global broker Exness India offers favorable conditions, a variety of trading platforms, as well as a wide range of analytical tools for market analysis. Get to know Exness broker and choose the best conditions for your profit now!
Exness – Best Broker in India
Extensive range of platforms
Exness Metatrader 4 & 5 for PC trading, Web Terminal for access from any device and Exness Trade App for mobile trading
Personal data is protected
With state-of-the-art transaction security protocols and a two-step authentication system, Exness keeps your trading secure
Unique conditions
Various types of Exness accounts will allow you to trade and get profit on favorable conditions for you

Main Characteristics of Exness Broker

Account Types
MT4, MT5, Exness Web Terminal, Exness Trade and Exness GO mobile applications
Available Platforms
Analytical Tools, Economic Calendar, Trading Calculator, Currency Converter, Tick History, VPS Hosting, Trading Central WebTV
Tools Available
Forex CFD, Commodities CFD, Stocks CFD, Indices CFD, Crypto CFD
Available Markets for Trading
Bank Transfers, Cryptocurrencies, Various Payment Systems
Deposits / Withdrawals
Standard Accounts: $1, Professional Accounts: $500
Minimum Deposit
From 0.00 pips depending on the account
Leverage Level
More than 20 years
Years on the Market

Exness Platforms for Success Trading

Investing using a variety of platforms increases the ability to choose not only markets, but also tools to analyze market conditions. Exness provides access to four platforms: Exness Web Terminal, MT4 and MT5, and the Exness mobile app. Let's take a look at the benefits of each platform below for a better understanding of where you can start:
Exness Web Terminal

Web Trader

The Exness web platform gives access to trading over 100 CFDs.
Exness MetaTrader 4


This platform differs from the mobile version and the Exness web terminal in its ability to track multiple assets at once.
Exness MetaTrader 5


Being an improved this type of platform has a number of advantages and additional tools compared to the older version of MetaTrader.

Mobile Application

Exness Trade mobile app allows you to access investing from anywhere, anytime. With the same functionality as the Exness Web Terminal, traders can easily use the app to trade.
Exness Trade mobile app

Trading Accounts

The variety of Exness trading accounts allows absolutely all traders to invest on favorable conditions. Accounts are divided into Exness Standard Account and Exness Professional Account, the broker has 5 main trading accounts in total. Many thresholds of conditions when opening an account you customize yourself. Let's briefly familiarize ourselves with how to choose an Exness account, namely for which category of traders' knowledge the accounts are suitable:
The Exness Standard Account is also suitable for swing trading and long-term investing.
Suitable for traders with no experience in investing, as well as those who prefer easy trading without the use of complex tools.
Good for microtrading strategies, as well as for testing new strategies. Allows you to experiment with low risk and make micro trades.
Suitable for beginners in the Forex market, when trading with minimal risks.
Ideal for large traders, scalping strategies and algorithmic trading.
An account with raw spreads is well suited for an experienced audience trading with commission-based pricing.
Good for high-speed trading, scalping.
For experienced traders who prefer tight spreads and are not afraid to pay commissions on trades. Suitable for scalpers and day traders.
Supports all trading styles.
It is designed for experienced traders who need speed of execution and low spreads. Good for traders who prefer to invest in large volumes.

How to Start Trading

  • Go to the official website
  • Register using the buttons provided on the website and filling in the appropriate form
    Or log in to your Exness personal area if you have an account
  • Choose a demo account or a real Exness account
    as well as open any of the broker's accounts and start trading on the convenient platform
If you have any questions about how to register and log in to your Exness personal area. You can learn in detail how to do it by clicking on the buttons below in the corresponding sections.

Trading Instruments

  • Forex

  • Stocks

    Shares of companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).
  • Cryptocurrencies

    Such as Bitcoin, Ethereum.
  • Indices

  • Commodities

    Crude oil, natural gas, coal.
  • Metals

    Gold, silver, copper, aluminum.

Trading Strategies

To be able to start trading with Exness India broker without investing skills, we offer you a number of popular strategies:
  • Trend Following

    This strategy is based on the idea that a stock that is trending steadily in one direction (up or down) can continue to move in the same direction. Traders try to capture the trend by opening positions in the direction of the price movement.
  • Overbought and Oversold (Overbought / Oversold)

    Based on the assumption that stocks that have risen significantly (overbought) or fallen significantly (oversold) may undergo a correction in price. Traders use various technical indicators to determine this. The main one is the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Overbought stock is determined when the RSI indicator is 80 and above. Oversold - when RSI is equal to or lower than 30.
  • Moving Average Crossover (Moving Average Crossover)

    The strategy is based on the crossover of two moving averages of different periods. Moving averages are lines in the form of curves on the chart. They show the average value for the selected period. For example, to calculate a 10-day moving average, you need to take the sum of prices for 10 days and divide it by 10.

    The essence of the moving average crossover strategy is as follows. When a short moving average (for example, let it be a 50-day moving average) crosses a long moving average (for example, a 200-day moving average) from bottom to top, it can be considered as a buy signal. The method is used to determine the change of trend direction. Moving averages are available for 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 days.
  • News-based Trading (News-based Trading)

    One of the original strategies is the use of news and events that can affect the price of a stock. Traders look for news about companies, industries, or the economy to make decisions to buy or sell stocks. The market's reaction to events can create opportunities for profitable trading.

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